Interview Enrique Iglesias

Crush Magazine : You’ve just made a new collaboration with Pitbull on « Move to Miami », 2 years after « Missing around ». How this title was born?
Enrique Iglesias : Pitbull played me a track and I immediately was hooked. The rest is history.

C.M. : This title has big electro beats, which slices sharply with the Latin color of your previous singles. Isn’t it a bit risky?
E.I. : I like risky.


C.M. : Pitbull, Usher, Flo Rida, Kylie Minogue....Why are you collaborating with artists who don’t belong to your musical universe, and how do you choose them?

E.I. : It’s an interesting A&R* process. Part of it is instinct and the other part is going back and forth with myself for days at a time.


C.M. : You’ve written a lot of songs since all these years, where do you find your inspiration?

E.I. : I find it anywhere and everywhere I am able to


C.M. : Your music is unifying. Are you concious of that?

E.I. : That’s an amazing thing to hear. Thank you.

C.M. : In November, you’ll perform in Paris, at the AccorHotels Arena. The opportunity to ask you what you think about France and your French fans...
E.I. : I love France and my fans over there. Such a unique vibe. Always fun to perform there. There is something energetic and special about the crowds there.

C.M. : You’re very close to your fans. Why is it so important for you ?
E.I. : Because without my fans I could not be doing what I do. They are the reason I have the greatest job I could ever dream of.


C.M. : You’re also an actor, we have already seen you in TV series or cinema. Is that something that you could do again in the future?
E.I. : Perhaps if the right project came along

C.M. : You’re a father now, and your twins Nicholas and Lucy are really cute. What kind of father are you ?
E.I. : I like to believe I’m a great father. I love my kids and would do anything for them.

C.M. : You’re a real sex symbol and pay much attention to your appearance. Are you afraid of getting old?

E.I. : Not really. It’s part of the maturing creative process. It’s kind of exciting actually.

C.M. : What advice would you give to the readers of Crush Magazine, who dream of becoming a singer?

E.I. : Follow your passion and never stop.


Interview by Trina Mac-Dinh